10 December 2010

Obama Kicks Door Open Video

President Obama gets irritated and kicks a door open after a speech. lols..

Fake Footage, Real Sentiment

Obama Kicks Open Door After Announcing Tax Cut Capitulation

President Barack Obama had to announce that the Bush tax cuts would remain in place for America's wealthy, which means that he reneged on a core campaign promise. As he leaves the podium, Obama kicks in the door at the side of the stage, venting his frustration and embarrassment.

The Obama Door Kick Video is Fake

The Obama door kick video is fake, using an actor that looks remarkably like the US President, but the story is beginning to be reported outside the US as though it's real.

Though the video itself is fake, the sentiment is very much real: in adopting a policy of giving the Republicans what they want, the Obama White House has painted itself into a corner, and now it must face the public backlash, as well as a potential revolt within Congress.

“House Democrats have not signed off on this deal,” Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollen, a member of the House Democratic leadership, said today on Bloomberg Television. “I have some serious reservations.” Source: bloomberg.com

The GOP held unemployment benefits hostage in order to get those tax cuts extended, and rewarded behavior is repeated.

The takeaway message for Republican voters is clear, though: if you make less than $250,000 a year, the GOP does not care about you. They said so explicitly.

This Video explain how that video had been edited

Barack Obama didn't kicked the door. The video was been edited.

I hope you saw the transition of the flag 0:27 to 0:28

I think they used an actor that looks remarkably like the US President. (You can see the transition of US flag. This is when the tow videos were put together.)

They didn't use a guy that looked like Obama either. If you look below the stars at 0:12, then you can see a diagonal line going downwards from a composite cut. The body is what they redid, while they kept his head there.

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