06 August 2010

Come Closer to Devils Tower

What seems like an ordinary peak in Wyoming USA, created by volcanic activity looks fairly small (386 meters) and ordinary, until you hear all the tales attached to it. There is, of course, an old legend attached which involved the land rising to protect helpless girls from a bear attack. Other legends consider the rock to be holy or evil, but there is definitely some mysticism around it. Even UFOs are thought to have landed at its peak.

Devils Tower 1

However, the most bizarre incident involves skydiver George Hopkins who made it to the peak after jumping off an airplane. But, coming down from it was far from easy. In fact, he was stuck on the isolated peak for more than a week in lashing rain and howling wind, despite repeated attempts of all kinds. He was only rescued when Jack Durance the only climber to have reached the peak came to his rescue. [www.wackyowl.com]

Devils Tower 2

Devils Tower 3

Devils Tower 4

Devils Tower 5

Devils Tower 6

Devils Tower 7

Devils Tower 8

Devils Tower 9

Devils Tower 10

Devils Tower 11

Devils Tower 12 sunset

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