11 July 2010

Awesome Retro Inventions

Have a look at these awesome cool inventions. I really don’t know what went wrong and why didn’t these creative ideas pan out. I mean, who doesn’t need a family bike with a sewing machine or a bed piano? It’s really such a pity that these great ideas didn’t all worked out. My absolute favorites are the car with a shovel for pedestrians that is supposed to reduce the number of victims and a cigarette case for nudists :)

awesome retro inventions01

Family bike with a sewing machine (USA, 1939)

awesome retro inventions02

Nogosiped (USA, 1934)

awesome retro inventions03

Bike amphibian, and you can ride it on land and on water, the maximum “load” on the water 120 kg (France, 1932)

awesome retro inventions04

Motoloshad useful for learning to ride a horse (Italy, 1933)

awesome retro inventions05

Single-wheel bike, top speed 150 km / h (Italy, 1931)

awesome retro inventions06

“Lifejacket” of bicycle tires (Germany, 1925)

awesome retro inventions07

A hat-radio (USA, 1931)

awesome retro inventions08

Telescoping truck (France, 1934)

awesome retro inventions09

Bed piano (UK, 1935)

awesome retro inventions10

Reading Glasses for lying (England, 1936)

awesome retro inventions11

Electric jacket (U.S., 1932)

awesome retro inventions12

Car-tumbler, can be ridden on the slopes up to 65 degrees (UK, 1936)

awesome retro inventions13

A car with a shovel for pedestrians, to reduce the number of victims (Paris, 1924)

awesome retro inventions14

“GPS-navigator” the sample from 1932. It had a scrolling map and the speed of scrolling depended on the speed of the car.

awesome retro inventions15

awesome retro inventions16

A folding bridge for emergency situations. It could be transported on a trolley. (Netherlands, 1926)

awesome retro inventions17

Protective mask that was to be used in cases of snowstorms. (Canada, 1939)

awesome retro inventions18

A pram in the case of gas attack. I guess the baby could as well die of suffocation. (England, 1938)

awesome retro inventions19

Fotorevolver (USA, 1938)

awesome retro inventions20

Equipment for smoking in the rain (1931)

awesome retro inventions21

Double holder for high-smokers (1932)

awesome retro inventions22

Cellophane blanket for a healthy tan and protection against UV and burnouts (1932)

awesome retro inventions23

“Lie Detector” for the banks. The principle of Lie Detector was first used as an alarm system for banks and it was developed in the early 30’s. It works similarly to the principle of the lie detector: if a man came in with quickened heart beats it would trigger the alarm.

awesome retro inventions24

Apparatus used for measuring the parameters of head and recording contours of face (1933) – this is where Barker came up with an idea of Pinhead.

awesome retro inventions25

Soviet parachute for military dogs (1935)

awesome retro inventions26

Umbrella with a “windshield” in case of rain with the wind (USA, 1936)

awesome retro inventions27

Alarm clock for drivers, it is triggered when the head of a driver falls down. (1936)

awesome retro inventions28

Hat compass (1936)

awesome retro inventions29

Cigarette case for nudists (1938)

awesome retro inventions30

A device for walking on water (1938)

awesome retro inventions31

A special identifying mark fir repeated offenders (USA, 1939)

awesome retro inventions32

A device for teaching a child to walk (Switzerland, 1939)

awesome retro inventions33

A suit for contrast tanning. I don’t know why would anyone want to have only half of body tanned. (USA, 1940)

awesome retro inventions34

Ice mask for face – it was to be used as a means of fighting hangover. It was invented in 1947, by Officer Max Factor for Hollywood actresses.

awesome retro inventions35

Mobile Ashtray (USA, 1950)

awesome retro inventions36

Another mobile ashtray this time it is called “wearable cigarette” (U.S., 1950)

awesome retro inventions37

A dogmobile – called this way obviously because it is powered by one dog. (U.S., 1939)

awesome retro inventions38

I guess this was some sort of trained cat babysitter! :) [artsyspot.com]

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