05 June 2010

TwistedSifter’s Amazing Animated Gifs Compilations!

Animated gifs are one of my favourite things on the Internet. If you’ve ever spent any time on a message board you know the awesomeness they can bring. Countless times those little animated bundles of joy have kept me entertained and happy.

Through the years I’ve saved every one that has made me laugh, cry, or shake my head in disgust. Below you can find a small sampling of my collection. I’ve compiled them into three short movie clips and laid a tasty little track on top. I hope you enjoy!

Maximum respect to all of the original creators of these animated gif files. I have no idea who any of the original authors are, but they are champions of the Internets!

*UPDATE JAN. 21, 2010: Amazing Animated Gifs part 4 has just been released! Check it out below:

PART 4(Newest)





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