21 June 2010

Ten Ugliest Celebrities

Some of the ten ugliest celebrities can’t help it, they just have bad genes. Blame their parents. But more than a few of these ugly celebrities paid a plastic surgeon – or team of plastic surgeons – to alter their appearance in hopes the celebrity would come out looking beautiful.

Instead, they join this unofficial list of ten ugliest celebrities. Feel free to add more.

Michael Jackson

Ok, starting off by insulting the dead and departed, but most agree that at the end, the King of Pop was truly ugly looking.

Michael Berryman

Born with no sweat glands, hair or teeth, Berryman has parlayed his misfortune into a movie career.

Clint Howard

Lucky for Clint, his older brother Ron Howard is a preeminent film-maker, known for casting his little brother in roles in all his films.

Donatella Versace

Along with her brother, she created one of the most successful fashion brands in the universe.

Marty Feldman

Graves Disease, a condition of the thyroid, gave Feldman his bulging eyes which were made famous in the hit film Young Frankenstein.

Marilyn Manson

Shane McGowan

One of the most important Irish singer-songwriters of the time as a member of the Pogues.

Joyceln Wildenstein

Can you imagine going through life thinking your plastic surgeons did you a favor? Wildenstein is famous – only because she is horribly ugly.

Iggy Pop

The godfather of Punk just keeps getting uglier as he ages. As if he cares.

Pete Burns

The founder of the band Wanted Dead or Alive, Pete Burns decided he wanted to be a girl, or not.

Make your suggestions for your Ugliest Celebrity in the comments, and link to a picture backing up your nomination.



  1. Excuse me?Michael jackson?

  2. Michael jackson had vitiligo(Google it),which caused skin depigmentation in splotches,so in the end he had no choice but to bleach it to even it out.He had only two surgeries,due to the fact that he accidentally broke his nose during a complex dance move.Other than that,the age and hairstyle can really change one's look.Apparently you just used the least attractive picture he had and also insensitively labelled others as "ugly".Michael was very handsome,even in his later days.The person who wrote this article has got to have the ugliest heart EVER!