24 June 2010

Postcards From The Future

The best way to say hello to someone dear from the vacation and just share a bit of atmosphere fro your holiday is to send a post card. Most of the post cards are just the greatest views of the county side. Have you ever thought how the future will look like? There are so many movies made and books written and everybody has the idea how it should be, but I am sure that there was never the picture of the futuristic post cards. This looks like pretty much has remained the same except with the little robotic touch. If it is it to judge the book on its cover, then we can be pretty optimistic here and look up to the day to come.

alien postcards01

alien postcards02

alien postcards03

alien postcards04

alien postcards05

alien postcards06

alien postcards07

alien postcards08

alien postcards09

alien postcards10

alien postcards11

alien postcards12

alien postcards13

alien postcards14

alien postcards15

alien postcards16

alien postcards17

alien postcards18

alien postcards19

alien postcards20

alien postcards21

alien postcards22

alien postcards23

alien postcards24

alien postcards25

alien postcards26

alien postcards27

alien postcards28

alien postcards29

alien postcards30

alien postcards31

alien postcards32

alien postcards33

alien postcards34

alien postcards35

alien postcards36


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