Dorothy (2007) – Stainless steel pans and lids


A Joia do Tejo (2008) / The Jewel of the Tejo River – Inspired by traditional Portuguese jewelry


Piano Dentelle (2008) Hand-made cotton crotchet over piano (traditional Portuguese crotchet)

Netless’07 (2007) Hand-made cotton crotchet over laptop and mouse


The Bride (2001) – Made with OB tampons and string

The artwork of Joana Vasconcelos is pretty impressive. She uses common daily objects, much associated with Portuguese culture (e.g. doilies). Doilies today are something from the past era used for decoration at home or to keep dust off of furniture. Since furniture style has changed and modernized over time, doilies don’t really serve a purpose in homes, they’re some-what-out-of-date for a younger generation. Vasconcelos incorporates the old with new, and it really becomes thought provoking art—a criticism about our society and its changes.

I had watched a documentary about the artist the other day, and I was impressed with her words about not being just pretty… all her pieces have specific themes and intentions. They’re great to see up close and in person, because they are large scale and full of details.