27 May 2010

10 Weirdest Things Ever Sold on eBay

eBay has become the number one go-to site to make a bit of money on old, unwanted items. Having a spring clean in your home and have found some vinyls which you have listened to since 1978? Stick them on eBay. Have you gained some weight in the last couple of years and your old clothese no longer fit? Don’t take them down to your charity shop, list them on eBay! Are you a frustrated virgin and sick of hearing how your friends have all lost theirs? Don’t worry, pimp yourself out on eBay (true story!) That last one was a bit weird but not half as weird as these…

1. UFO Detector

Image source - Random-good-stuff

A Brazilian company claimed to have invented the first ever UFO detector. Rather than present their invention to the media and experts as an historical breakthrough which could revolutionise the world as we know it, they decided to stick it on eBay. A buyer did fall for it though and forked out $135.03 to buy it. It is not known whether the item has worked yet. I don’t think the buyer left any feedback unfortunately!

2. Vampire Killing Kit

Image source - Happenupon

Vampires are rather ubiquitous at the moment. But it seems that in a world that is currently obsessed with Twilight, True Blood and Robert Pattinson there are still some people who aren’t fans and would rather be Van Helsing. The kit came with a crossbow and four silver-tipped arrows, an ebony wood stake, a large bottle of holy water and various surgical instruments. Obviously the buyer was pretty keen on getting their hunt on because they paid $4,550! It is not yet known whether any vampires have been slayed by the buyer.

3. A Real Shrunken Head

Image source - Knitteroo

You wouldn’t think that the Jivaro Indian tribe in the jungles of Ecuador had computers let alone access to the internet. Well it seems there’s a lot we don’t know about them. A total of 26 shrunken heads were up for sale and seven people were involved in the bidding war. The lucky winner ended up paying just under $25. I can just imagine the heads are now proudly displayed atop the buyer’s fire place or lavatory.

4. Serial Killer’s Fingernails

Image source - Handfacts

There are some sick pups out there and I’m not talking about the serial killer. Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris decided to go on a killing spree in 1979 around southern California and ended up murdering five people. Fast forward three decades later and someone decides firstly to sell Roy Norris’ fingernails wile another decides to purchase them for the bargain price of $9.99! They were lovingly taped to the back of a Christmas card, which included a personal note from the killer himself, his signature and a black thumbprint. It is not known whether the buyer placed this atop their fire place or posted it on to a loved one.

5. Britney Spears’ Chewed Gum

Image source - MSN News

Note to self: next time a celebrity is within spitting distance remember to pick up their piece of chewed gum if they happen to discard it near you. Because that is what one person did and proceeded to list the chewed gum on the biggest online auction site. The outcome? Only $263 in the bank and one very happy (possibly obsessive) Britney fan. I love a happy ending.

6. A Cornflake Shaped Like Illinois

Image source - r-emerson

Another note to self: next time cereal is had for breakfast remember to look out for shapes of states floating in the milk. Two sisters did exactly that. This picture is of the actual corn flake that was sold on eBay for over $1,000 (WTF?) You can see the red outline shaping Illinois and can clearly tell that that is what the cornflake would look like if that outline was taken away. Can’t you? No neither can I.

7. A Ghost in a Jar

Image source - Flickr (Melsky)

Yes that’s right, a ghost in a jar. The seller says he was out with his trusty metal detector doing some metal detectoring when he found the empty, I mean ghost in a jar and was then haunted by this empty, sorry ghost in a jar. Wanting rid of it he stuck it on eBay. People went crazy for it. A little too crazy because the placed bids soon exceeded over $90 million! Seeing as the seller would only consider serious bidders I’m guessing he made a fortune. That metal detectoring sure does pay off.

8. Virgin Mary Sandwich

Image source - Nixonthehand

The woman who was visited by the Virgin Mary through her grilled cheese sandwich became something of a celebrity in America. The media caught onto the story and this image of Mary on the slice of bread helped the woman gain $28,000 for the holy sandwich. Don’t quote me on this but the woman became so famous at one point I think she even appeared on Oprah! Her name escapes me though…

9. Doritos Chip Shaped Like the Pope’s Hat

Image source - Webupon

Like those cornflake sisters the Chadwick family of Salem, Massachusetts opened a bag of Doritos to find this chip that resembles the Pope’s Mitre. Now, I have to agree with this one in that there does seem to be an uncanny resemblance. However, that resemblance is not enough to make me want to spend $1,209 on it, which is what one eBayer did. That’s just silly. How would they react if their pet dog found it one day and ate the thing whole? Or if a gust of wind blew the thing off their fireplace, burning it to a crisp (excuse the pun)?

10. The Meaning of Life

Image source - Webupon

There are good salesmen and then there are some who are so good they could literally sell ice to an Inuit, or sand to the Arabs. The seller of this, The Meaning of Life, made $3.26. It is not known what the buyer actually bought because no description was given for the item. Only this picture of a beautiful rainbow over a scenic piece of landscape. Come to think of it, maybe it was just the picture that was for sale and it was called The Meaning of Life? Who knows? It is not known whether the buyer has discovered the meaning of life.


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  1. The Meaning of Life was pretty cheap, I didn't know that there are people that they can pay for something like that. Cultures have been persuing that unsuccessfully.