23 April 2010

Scientists Finally Find The Man In The Moon

Scientists have captured an image of a moon which looks like a giant Pac-Man.

The unexpected and bizarre pattern of daytime temperatures found  on Saturn's small inner moon Mimas

The pattern of temperatures found on Saturn's small inner moon Mimas. Pic: Nasa

Mimas, one of Saturn's 62 moons, revealed the likeness when a probe measured daytime temperatures across its surface.

The resulting map looks like the character from the iconic computer game Pac-Man.

The Pac-Man character

The Pac-Man character

The image was taken by the Cassini spaceship, a joint venture between Nasa, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency, which is orbiting the planet.

Experts have attributed the variations in temperature across the moon's terrain to differences in the texture of surface materials, some of which may retain heat better.

Pac-Man, a hungry yellow ball which chomps its way around a maze, was recently named in a poll as the world's best-known video game character


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