09 April 2010

20 Worst Photoshop Mistakes

When used correctly Photoshop has the ability to make people appear thinner and more beautiful, as well as the power to give millions an inferiority complex. It seems every image in every magazine has been Photoshopped these days, and this has lead to what must be amateurs being let loose on images that are going to print. Below are some of the most ridiculous and obvious Photoshop disasters which have slipped through the net and being printed in magazines or on posters.

1. The Missing Thigh

Photoshop Disasters - Where is Her Thigh

2. The 3 Handed Miley

Extra Hand on Miley

3. The 3 Legged Foot Wash

Where is that leg coming from

4. The Half Hearted Reflection

Lexar 4gb 8gb messup

5. “Thing” Makes Another Appearance

Creepy Hand

6. The Evil Twin

Magazine Double

7. The Missing Leg


8. The De-flection


9. The Zebra Leg

10. Give Her A Hand

11. Plane Stupid


12. Those Triplets Love Football

13. Finger On the Trigger

14. Three Hands Isn’t Even The Strange Thing…

Extra pizza hands

15. The Moving Parked Car


16. The Multiple Mistakes


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