03 February 2010

Top 5 Wackiest Sports with Animals

We personally don’t support this kind of sports – you’ll be the judge

Camel wrestling

Camel wrestling Top 5 Wackiest Sports with Animals

We have seen man wrestle against one another. Here we can see two camels wrestle against one another. This is a sport that is one of the famous in Turkey. This wrestling is conducted between two camels of same class of weight. The camels are trained with many tricks to make the opponent animal the other camel retreat, scream, or fall.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing Top 5 Wackiest Sports with Animals

Greyhounds are a breed of dogs, which were used for hunting in early days. These dogs are tall and ferocious. In this sport greyhound dogs are trained to compete against one another. Its a pride for the owner of the dog that wins. This sport is famous in western countries and many organizations and animal welfare societies are struggling to ban this sport.

Alaskan Husky Race

dog sled Top 5 Wackiest Sports with Animals

We have seen many races like horse race, dog race and lets know that the Alaskan husky dogs race is one of the famous races in which a kennel of husky dogs drag a sledge. The master or the trainer train the husky dogs for the race. The husky dogs are highly disciplined and responds to the commands of the trainer. The race generally covers a huge distance over ice lands and snow. The kennel includes 10 to 14 husky dogs and the number depends on the race. Its one of the cold sports that is conducted in Alaska. The husky dogs are wild dogs and appears like a wolf, when trained they are equivalent or more intelligent to k9 dogs and they work as a team or group. These husky dogs are used for hunting and rescue purposes and consumes fish and sea mammals and these dogs involved in sports is really a nice fact.

Insect Fight

You may have known different sports involving animals, some of which are racing, hunting, etc. Do you know? There is a weird game where insects battle with one another. Its one of the famous sport in countries like Japan, China and Thailand. The owners train their insects to be strong and aggressive. Some of the most poisonous insects like scorpion, centipede, millipede, giant spiders, bugs are involved in this sport. Though it’s awkward to see such insects people interested in this sport enjoy to core. This sport has attracted gamblers and it involves a huge money though these games are cultural identifications.

Elephant Basketball

You won’t believe it that Elephant can play basketball, but it’s a truth that a well trained Elephant can shoot a basket after 2-3 months of training, trainers say. Elephants at the Island Safari Center in Thailand are trained how to play basketball.


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  1. greyhounds ferocious?????? since when were greyhounds labeled ferocious??
    they are called 40mph couch potatoes for a reason.