26 January 2010

8 Weird Human Mutations

Mutations are seen as birth defects that a person has to live throughout their life with. Some are very visible to the eye while others can be hidden. There are some that can be so bad that as the person’s age increases the mutation gets worse. Some can even cause a person to die before their time. Then, there are those mutations that fascinate the world. Stories will be posted about these mutations and cameras will interfere with that person’s life. But, yet, the world still wants to know and in today’s society I am surprised that the people with some of these mutations don’t have a reality TV series.
1. Cyclopia

This birth defect doesn’t allow the orbits of the eyes to separate into two cavities. These occurrences happen in every 1 in 250 babies. The face will be missing or the nose will be non-functioning and that nose will either be above the eye or on the back of the head. Most babies will not make it to birth or they are still born. There are two cases of children with Down Syndrome that have been born with one eye. This is often caused by genetic problems or toxins ingested by the mother.



2. Tree Man

This man has hands and feet that look like contorted tree branches. For 20 years, he has lived like this. He has warts all over his body that look like the moss that forms on trees out in the forest. The growths on his body make up over twelve pounds of his weight and he only weighs 100 pounds. After only a few steps he would become tired because of the density of the growths. It is believed that this defect was caused by an HPV virus. There are two types of HPV. The first one can cause cervical cancer and the other can cause warts on the skin. This is what the doctor’s feel he has. The warts started to appear after he received a cut on his skin as a teenager. It has become out of control since then. The skin has infections happening and bugs living in his skin. He has a weak immune system and the virus took over because of it.

tree man


3. Mermaid Syndrome

This is when a child is born with his or her legs fused together and it gives the impression of a mermaid’s tail. One out of every 100,000 births are said to have this birth defect. The babies born with this defect will die within a day or two because of complications in the development of their bladders and kidneys. There are only a handful of births that did not have the complications that came along with this condition. Three of the most well know cases are Milagros Cerron, Tiffany Yorks and Shiloh Pepin.

mermaid syndrome


4. Werewolf Syndrome

This birth defect or genetic mutation has to do with the hair on the person’s body growing to a substantial amount over every inch. This can be seen at birth, when the child is born covered in hair. If the infant is tested and does not suffer from hypertrichosis, then the hair will be shed over the next few years. The acquired type of gene forms over the years and can refer to extra hair growing in places that hair hasn’t grown before. The congenital form of this disease is more commonly used as the werewolf syndrome because of thickness and the amount of hair formed over the person’s body. These are the type of people that get used in the circuses as sideshow “freaks” as the wolf-man.

warewolf syndrome


5. Gigantism

Gigantism is when a person grows to an excessive height above the normal average adult. There are two types of gigantism. One is called pituitary gigantism, which causes the person to grown excessively in height and weight. Then there is a cerebral gigantism, which causes the brain to grow in an excessive amount causing mental retardation. In order to be diagnosed with this disease you have to be above one percent on several variations that are unhealthy for your genetic make up.



6. Dwarfism

Dwarfism is used to describe a person that is less than 4 feet 10 inches tall, depending on the area. Some places have adults that are this tall and shorter for that area. There are over 200 causes of dwarfism. There is no cure for dwarfism. It can be caused by one or more genetic disorders. With dwarfism, comes negativity in society. There are those people that believe a dwarf has less intelligence or a social behavioral problem, but this is untrue. They can live and lead a normal live, with the same life span as an average person.



7. Elephantiasis

This mutation will make the skin and underlying tissue swell and thicken. It is most commonly seen in the legs, scrotum or breasts. This is generally caused by a parasite released into the blood stream by a mosquito bite. The severity depends on the person’s immune system and the ability to fight the disease. It is commonly found in Africa. There are treatments for this mutative disease and some are effective. There is possible talk of eliminating the disease within the next eleven years.



8. Arnold Syndrome

This syndrome has to do with missing clavicle bones. Everyone with this mutation is the descendant of one man. They are able to move their shoulders forward to the point of almost touching. Arnold had this mutation and took on seven wives and they all had children and the mutation was passed on. It has continued to be passed on throughout the years and all the people that have this mutation seem to know that the other person has it and realized that they are relatives in someway.

arnold syndrome


The discovery of these mutations is some of the wonders of science. Some baffled the scientific world for years and most of the people that had these genetic mutations were outcasts. They were sent away from their villages, towns or cities and they ended up performing in circuses as the sideshow freaks. They may have been able to make a living and were excepted that way, but they were still the outcasts that no one wanted to deal with except on the circus level (http://www.weirdworm.com/).

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